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Best Nature and Wildlife Tours in Kenya

Table of Contents

Kenya is the ultimate charm and Africa’s top tourist destination. This is so because it offers both wildlife and natural diversity.

The busy cities of Kenya are flawlessly balanced by the beautiful neighboring wildlife and nature reserves.

Zunguka Africa Safaris gives you an opportunity to experience incredible wildlife, nature species, and stunning landscapes.

And yes, Kenya is a remarkable country where you as a tourist that desires and loves watching wildlife and nature will be fully embraced.

The best nature and wildlife tours in Kenya are offered by Zunguka Africa Safaris.

We cover exclusive, luxurious camping tours that provide an exceptional experience in your Kenyan safari.

Discover the magical wildlife and nature during our game drives in national parks and game reserves.

The following are Kenya’s Best nature and wildlife tours:

Wildebeest Migration Tour

Annually more than 1.5 million Wildebeests, Zebras, and Gazelles migrate to Maasai Mara in search of greener pastures and areas to breed.

This is one of the world’s top-ranked spectacles of nature.

It is an iconic safari option for passionate travelers, nature and wildlife lovers, and those who desire a little more from their African safari experience.

The Wildebeest Migration doesn’t have a start or endpoint, the migration moves rhythmically.

Well, Wildebeests move a vast distance from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara.

Their traverse in the Mara ecosystem is often faced with a myriad of threats from predators.

It is approximated that the wildebeests cover a range of more than 3500 km on their long annual migratory cycle.

Most people think that wildebeest migration only happens once a year, but the migration happens all year round hence offering a unique wildlife experience.

The exact timing of the massive wildebeest migration to the Maasai Mara is entirely dependent upon the rainfall patterns every year.

Ol Jogi Ranch Tour

Ol Jogi is a beautiful private game reserve situated in Laikipia, north of Nairobi.

The ranch offers one of Kenya’s most incredible unique wildlife safari experiences.

Furthermore, it is also ranked as East Africa’s top safari experience with outstanding wildlife within a private reserve.

The ranch hosts the Big Five animals and various endangered species such as Eastern Black Rhinos and Africa wild dogs.

If you visit this reserve, you will find endless ways to explore, you can engage in traditional safari activities such as:

  • Guided hiking safaris
  • Game watching drives
  • Fishing
  • Walking with a troop of Baboons
  • Horse riding
  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking the exceptional geology of the sandy erosion gully among others

Ol Jogi is a unique ranch because they have a sprawling manor house and satellite cottages.

In addition, the ranch has helicopters that offer a chance to tour Lake Turkana, or only for an aerial view of the spectacular landscapes, nature, and wildlife of the conservancy.

Ol Jogi has a strong conservation focus, and that allows guests to learn more about wildlife and nature.

Visitors are taught how to track rhinos by the reserve rangers.

Alternatively, visitors can tour the Wildlife Rescue Centre and veterinary clinic on the ranch where orphaned animals, including a blind rhino, are being rehabilitated.

Amboseli Wildlife Tour

Amboseli National Park is situated in Loitoktok – Rift Valley.

It is one of Kenya’s most popular game reserves and offers excellent wildlife watching.

The park is home to elephants, they are the common big safari animals spotted here.

Sadly though, the Black Rhinos are almost extinct in the park.

The plains are home to numerous large herbivores such as Maasai Giraffe, Grants, Wildebeest, and Impalas.

They are usually viewed between the stands of acacia trees.

Amboseli’s National Park specialty is the elephants and big herds are usually viewed roaming in the dusty plains both in the morning and evening. 

Daytime the elephants typically spend their time partially submerged and scavenging in Ol Kenya swamp.

The Amboseli elephants carry particularly new ivory and are very relaxed around cars, thus safe for game drive watching and can be toured at any time of the year.

In addition, the most exciting wildlife viewing is during the dry season between June and October.

In this period, the animals meet around the marshes and other anticipated water sources.

When dry, animals cross the sandy plains, tend to blow a lot of dust, offering some excellent photo scenic when the light is low.

Tsavo East and Tsavo West Adventure

Tsavo West and East parks are ranked as one of the largest wildlife conservation reserves on Earth and are among the most significant national reserves in Kenya.

The Tsavo has numerous wildlife, but due to the size of the park and its thick vegetation, wildlife watching can be hard sometimes.

This is the reason why the park is less popular than the Maasai Mara and Amboseli.

However, the park has one of the most extensive landscapes in East Africa and is suitable for nature watching, with several volcanic craters and scenic hills.

The park is situated in southeastern Kenya about 230 kilometers from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

Nairobi National Park Tour

A less than an hour’s drive from Nairobi’s central business district is where Nairobi National Park is situated.

Extensive grassland plains neighboring the great city of Nairobi and dispersed acacia bush are home to a variety of wildlife.

The rare Leopards, Hyenas, Lions, Black Rhinos, Cheetahs, Giraffes, Buffaloes, and more than 400 bird species exist in the park. 

Nairobi National Park also offers new picnic sites and fascinating walking trails for hikers.

Furthermore, the Park is exceptional as the only game reserve in the world with such an enormous variety of wildlife close to a capital city.

It is a major attraction for tourists who are interested in wildlife watching.

Amazingly, the Park is a rhino sanctuary and has a brilliant record for supporting endangered animals and nurturing them.

Here, they are taken care of until they are moved to their original range and other upcoming reserves.

Because of this achievement, it is one of the few reserves where tourists can be assured of watching a black rhino in its natural habitat.

Book the Best nature and wildlife tours in Kenya

If you are looking for the best nature and wildlife tours in Kenya, Zunguka Africa Safaris is your most preferred choice.

Taking you to all breathtaking places in Kenya, we ensure that your wildlife safari is captivating and comfortable at Kenya’s best safari lodges.

Check out our current safari packages and book your slot.

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