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Buxton Tunnel

The Buxton Tunnel in Limuru-Kenya

Table of Contents

The Buxton Tunnel in Limuru – Kenya is a stone’s throw away from my parents’ home. This is one tunnel that we visited often as we grew up.

It is a train tunnel that has served its purpose since the 1940s.

The first time you visit this tunnel, you will surely be excited and, if you venture inside – be a bit scared.

The most beautiful experience is to just observe a train enter or leave the tunnel.

Just to divert a bit, let me tell you a short story – I do hope you like it! before we moved to our new home in 1998, we knew the Buxton Tunnel.

My late granny (may she continue resting in peace) owned a piece of land at the foot of the railway just a few meters from the tunnel.

It was a ritual to visit the tunnel when we accompanied her to till or do other gardening roles.

The memories of venturing in and crossing to the other end or seeing a train enter or leave are nostalgic.

Every time I visit my parents, I do take a walk to the tunnel to just rekindle the memories.

At Zunguka Safaris, we do have a day trip package to the tunnel. Kindly do contact us to enquire more.

Well, the Buxton Tunnel is found and located in the Limuru highlands – Kenya.

Classified as the longest and scariest tunnel, it is both a historical masterpiece and a thrilling tourist destination.

It is approximately two kilometers long and was constructed in the year 1940 under the British administration.

Beware: The tunnel is dark and harbors animals and birds. The train could also crush you while inside. Be extremely careful and take necessary precautions if venturing inside.

Historical Background

George Whitehouse was the British engineer whose primary mission was to link the Mombasa Port with Lake Victoria.

His idea got government backing amidst a myriad of opposition and the British government resorted to providing the financial muscle to make the rail project a success.

This project was put under the management of Charles Elliot, a British East Africa commissioner, and cost the British government millions of Pounds.

Moreover, the railway workers succumbed to wildlife attacks, diseases, and drought.

In addition, the rail routes mainly passed through semi-arid areas like the Tsavo, where clean water and food were scarce.

And yes, these areas were marred by dangerous wild animals such as the man-eating lions.

There were numerous work setbacks and magnanimous expenditures that brought about an uproar in the British government.

Close to 2500 workers had already lost their lives to a cause that did not seem to yield sufficient fruits.

The rail route was dubbed the Lunatic Express. When the pressure to halt operations mounted, Charles Elliot was forced to call off the project.

After the termination of the Lunatic Express project, other rail routes were constructed.

One of the routes passed through a highland in Limuru and necessitated the railway to go through a long tunnel covering a length of two kilometers.

After its completion, it was named the Buxton Tunnel.

Several years ago, the tunnel came into the limelight as a result of the rampant crime committed by gangs hiding out in the tunnel.

Not only was this a civil problem but also a crippling factor to the tourism industry.

This prompted the Kenyan government, through the police service to set out and get rid of the criminal gangs and make the tunnel accessible.

A Visit to the Buxton Tunnel

It is not unusual for local and foreign tourists to seek adventurous spots in Kenya.

However, not many people know of the existence of the Buxton Tunnel. It is one of the most exhilarating tourist destinations in Kenya.

If you are in pursuit of a thrilling adventure, a visit to this amazing Tunnel should be the top spot on your travel bucket list.

There are several individuals and teams that have managed to walk from one end of the tunnel to the next while some have not surpassed the 100-meter mark.

With police protection, tourists can navigate further in the tunnel and have fun while at it.

Experience the touch of Kenyan history as you overcome all odds as you navigate through.

It is not just the goosebumps that will develop on your skin, but also the immense satisfaction of successfully navigating a dark and long tunnel in one of the coldest regions in Kenya.

Not everyone can show and take you to the Buxton Tunnel. A second experienced hand is a good thing.

That is why Zunguka Africa Safaris is committed to helping you find and explore this tunnel and other hidden and unique tourist attractions and spots in Kenya.

Check our posters for the latest offers on safari packages and day trips here in Kenya and kindly contact us to plan and arrange a visit to this masterpiece.

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