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Central Region

The central region tourism circuit is amazing and breathtaking.

The counties in this region are home to various tourism spots.

The Evergreen park and garden is along Kiambu road, just a kilometer from the Northern bypass.

It is a serene place for a meeting during family gatherings, weddings or even having picnics with loved ones.

Any lover of outdoor activities should visit this beautiful place which is not very far from the capital city.

The Evergreen park and garden has a dam -made even more beautiful by being surrounded by bamboo trees and grass on both sides.

The park has set up makuti bandas such as Sungura where visitors can set up a makeshift kitchen during picnics.

This is made possible since the facility does not offer catering services.

Bonding and family time or lovers get-away can be successfully held at the Evergreen park and garden.

When at the central part of Kenya, the Fourteen Falls is the place to visit.

If you are in search of a place to enjoy camping or hiking and watching games, this is your spot.

The waterfall is 27 meters deep which makes it a breathtaking sight to behold.

Having its location near Thika town, the fourteen falls poses as an ideal place to go if you need to escape the noisy city life.

The sceneries are very motivating and you can never get enough photos of this magnificent place.

Bird watching and boat riding are other ideal activities to engage in at the fourteen falls.

The tip of the ice-burg is the affordable charges at the entrance.

It is an affordable place to visit with your entire family.

Other Central Region Places to visit

Kiambethu Tea Farm is located in Limuru.

It is a family business that carries a long history of the origin and purpose of the tea-growing business.

The beauty of the Kiambethu lies in the green farmland filled with tea plantations.

If you love nature, you will most definitely enjoy the walk through the farm and the monkeys on the farm.

Interest in agriculture is an added advantage since the owner of the farm takes time to explain the tea growing process.

Beyond this, there are other beautiful places that you can visit in the central region tour circuit.

They include:

  • The Aberdare National Park
  • The Buxton Tunnel
  • The Subukia Shrine
  • The Solio Game Reserve – among others

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