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Coast Region

The coast region is the most visited tourism circuit in Kenya.

If you have not been there, this should be your year to visit.

You will be indeed get enchanted by the beauty of this area.

This region features the Kenyan coastline and is host to:

  • Beaches
  • Hotels
  • Marine Parks
  • Historical sites, and many other amazing places.

Haller Park was formerly known as the Bamburi Nature Trail.

The Park is located south of the Bamburi Cement company in Mombasa.

If you are looking at enjoying a view of a variety of wildlife, then, this is the place to be.

In addition, The park hosts animals such as Buffaloes, Hippos, and Giraffes.

The Park is ecologically sound and was awarded the Global 500 Role of Honor award by the UNEP.

In addition, If you are into marine then, a visit to this amazing park should be on your bucket list.

The true definition of nature’s beauty lies along Diani Beach.

The beach is surrounded by the Indian Ocean’s warm waters, soft and silky white sand, as well as a touch of nature’s green.

If you need to escape the everyday pressures of life and just relax as you take in the beauty of nature the Diani Beach is the place to be.

At Diani Beach, you can never run out of options on things to engage in.

One of the major attractions is the super-intelligent dolphins.

The Marine National Park is also a place you can enjoy yourself while at this amazing Beach.

It should go without saying that the food served at this beach is worth your eternal love.

Other places to visit along the coast region

Having been built by the Portuguese between 1593-1596, Fort Jesus is the focal point of the history of the Indian Ocean.

Trade as well as the livelihood and activities of the people of the East Coast of Africa.

If you are a history lover, Fort Jesus is the place to visit while at the Coast.

As you tour the Fort Jesus museum you will find the Oman House in which the Sultan in charge of the East African Coast lived.

Additionally, the open water cistern, as well as a well dug as deep as 76 feet down, will be an amazing sight to behold.

The beauty and wonder of the Swahili culture are all housed in the Fort Jesus Museum.

Well, this would be something interesting to learn about in a relaxed and breathe taking environment.

Other amazing places to visit at the coast include:

  • Tsavo East National Park
  • Tsavo West National Park
  • Gede Ruins
  • Shimba Hills National Reserve
  • Watamu Marine Park
  • Arabuko Sokoke National Reserve
  • Lamu Island among others

Read the articles below and learn more about this tourism hub in Kenya.

At Zunguka Safaris, we have various safaris in this region. Kindly contact us to enquire.

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