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Nyanza Region

Nyanza is known to be a hub rich in culture and beautiful sites.  Lying 3kms from Kisumu town is the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary which is one such beautiful place to be. It is positioned near the Lake Victoria. The sanctuary is a very peaceful place where you can go to unwind as you behold the natural beauty in the area.

The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a safe haven for impalas as depicted by its name. The Impalas found in this Sanctuary hail from the unique Sitatunga Antelope blood line. The experience of watching this rare breed as they go about their daily lives is heavenly.

Kit Mikayi is another must-visit place in Kisumu. The beautiful site is one kilometer away from Kisumu-Bondo road. It is a rock formation that is as high as 40 meters.  Kit Mikayi is highly associated with pre-Christian religions, legends and sacrifices.

The best aspect about the Kit Mikayi is that entry to this fabulous site is free of charge. Additionally, the site is open to visits every day. This makes it very convenient because it does require prior bookings and other detailed arrangements.

The Kisumu Museum is a beautiful place to visit. It is rich in natural history as well as the cultural history of the people of Kisumu. It is an ideal place to visit if you are looking to learn about different cultures and their significance.

The Ramogi Hillis a remainder of the rain forest that run from the Atlantic Ocean all through to the Indian Ocean. It is a sight to behold. If you are looking to be intrigued by nature’s wonder the Ramogi Hill is a place to be. It is a wooden hill shaped like a Roman V.

Thimlich Ohinga archeological site is located in Migori town. It is a dry-stone walled settlement that was built in the 16th century. It serves as a site of evidence of the historical settlements along that area. If you are looking to be in a fascinating place where you can enjoy the beauty of the sites and learn the history of the people therein, Thimlich Ohinga is the place to be.

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