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Western Region

In the Kakamega Forest Reserve there is less drama from the big five and more of monkeys, birds and also frogs. This place is a gem with an intimate touch to it.The beauty bestowed upon this Forest Reserve is unique and beyond measure. It is the only rain forest left in the country.

If you love nature the different species of birds and butterflies in the Kakamega Forest Reserve will intrigue you. Additionally, you will enjoy the company of squirrels, porcupines and giant forest hogs as well as a number of primates. The waterfalls and giant trees will catch your attention. One thing that will leave you in awe is a particular fig tree which is believed to have existed for over 700 years.

Your search for splendor rests at the Mount Elgon National Park. This park is unique because it is shared by both Kenya and Uganda. The Park is famous for the elephant salt licks. Elephants visit the caves at the park at night to lick the salt on its walls. As though not enough, the park will amaze you with the presence of blue monkeys and buffalos therein.

Some of the activities that can be enjoyed at the Mount Elgon National Park include game drives, hiking, nature walking as well as cave exploration. It offers a serene environment to enjoy with a loved one on a weekend getaway. The caves are a place where outdoor games can be enjoyed during the daytime.

Traditional stories and myths are enjoyed best at the crying stone of IIesi. This stone is located in Kakamega, western Kenya. It is a sight to behold as it has water running through it from the top to the bottom. It is named a crying stone because of the trickling water. The myths of the western people explain that the crying stone of IIesi is a symbol of a woman who was jilted and has never stopped mourning the loss of her loved one.

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