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Chale Island in Kenya

Chale Island in Kenya

Love blossoms and thrives at the beautiful white sands of Chale Island.

This is Kenya’s most tranquil and private island and offers you amazing romantic getaways.

Beach lovers are bound to be enthralled by the deep white sands of this amazing Island in Kenya.

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Kindly join us as we explore the shimmery and beautiful sands of Chale.

Chale Island Location

Chale Island is located 16 kilometers from Diani Beach on the South Coast of Kenya. 

50 kilometers south of Mombasa town and 600 meters from the mainland, this island is easily accessible.

The island measures approximately 900 meters in length and 300 meters in width.

In addition, Shimba Hills National Reserve is about 30 kilometers away from the island.

Getting to Chale Island

The nearest airports include Moi Airport (40 miles) and Ukunda Airstrip (9.3 miles).

In addition to the airports, the primary road used is Diani Beach Road.

From the mainland, guests are ferried on a tractor carriage over a shallow 250-meters stretch of water.

And yes, the warm staff at this super Island do usher in guests with cocktails to set the island mood.

Private Coastal Paradise

The word “Chale” was initially a name of a Digo warrior. After his death, Chale was buried on this island.

The island is considered a shrine among the locals and the mangrove forests are ‘Kayas’ for the Mijikenda tribes.

This private sandy island is the ultimate dream destination for beach lovers.

With lush green vegetation consisting of mangrove forests and green coral reefs, Chale Island is a paradise away from home.

In addition, the blue-green waters of the Indian ocean provide enchanting views while on the island – the waters are just as attractive as the island.

The intense romantic views at the island are coupled with sumptuous Swahili, Oriental, and Italian cuisines.

Visiting this serene Island offers you an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful ambiance at the resort on the island.

Additionally, the resort offers you as their guest open spa sessions to help you relax and unwind.

If you love water adventures, the tidal mangrove lake within the island is perfect for this and much more.

Hotels and Resorts

The Sands at Chale Island is the best-known resort on the private island.

It is designed in a rich traditional theme with a touch of magical romance and ambiance.

Perfect for intimate vacations and functions, the resort offers a classic venue for bonding and rejuvenation.

Additionally, as a guest, you can choose from the available private rooms within the resort.

There are penthouse suites, standard rooms, traditional bandas, and over-water suites.

Furthermore, The Sands Resort has diverse amenities to give you the ultimate beach holiday experience.

The available facilities include bars, gift shops, swimming pools, gymnasium, spa, jacuzzi, and a diving center.

Panoramic Views

At this magnificent island, your eyes are graced by the panoramic views of:

  • The Indian Ocean
  • Gazi Bay
  • Shimba Hills
  • Bird Island
  • Lagoons
  • White beaches and
  • Mangrove channels

The Sands at Chale

As the name suggests, the island is primarily known for its spectacular and tranquil sandy beaches.

Well, the expansive beach on the north-eastern part of the island is 175 meters away from the resort’s front and is 70 meters deep.

Breathtaking coral reefs on this part of the island are found approximately 750 meters from the magnificent beach.

In addition, here you can view the numerous and therapeutic tidal flows that wash over the reef.

Overlooking Gazi Town, the beach on the eastern side of the island is the perfect place to view mangrove forests that also connect with Gazi Bay.

The beach on the south-eastern part is about 50 meters deep and 100 meters long.

Furthermore, towards the western part of this Island is a thick mangrove forest leading to the Gulf of Gavi.

Here, you may not spot sandy beaches but can enjoy the view through the Mangrove Boardwalk.


When you visit Chale, these are the activities that you will come across and enjoy participating in:

  • Canoeing
  • Scuba diving
  • Beach bumming
  • Kayaking
  • Artifacts shopping
  • Spa sessions
  • Body fitness activities
  • Snorkeling,
  • Catamaran sailing
  • Deep-fishing
  • sun-bathing among others

In essence, you will not miss an activity to engage in…

Critical points in the island that are a must-visit include the diving center (Diving the Crab) where one can engage in water sports and marine wildlife viewing.

In addition, you will also come across turtle nests for highly endangered sea turtle species at Chale.

Book your Chale Island Safari

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