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Day Trips and Excursions

Day trips and Excursions

Day trips and excursions are a sure bet if you need to just relax and unwind. As they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Well, here at Zunguka Safaris, we have very sweet offers that will take you to several counties here in Kenya.

Our day trips and excursions packages offer you a good opportunity to have a good day and be back before the day end.

We believe that fun moments with family and friends are the best in establishing solid relationships.

Furthermore, bonds created from these relationships at times last a lifetime. It is a good feeling to have close ones – once in a while on a tour.

At Zunguka Africa Safaris, we provide you with affordable daily packages to explore fun events in the country.

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit and enjoy time with your loved ones, we facilitate day trips and excursions at awesome rates.

Get your dream day trip or excursion at discounted rates with us because we value your need to create wonderful memories with your loved ones.

Take advantage of our other special safari offers to Kenya’s finest tourist spots by contacting us today to secure your slot.

Check with us constantly to find and book your dream trip.

Below are our packages. Kindly read through and let us know which precise one you would want to attend.

Zip Lining at Kereita Forest

Day Trips and Excursions

Ziplining is a recreational activity that involves human transportation between two different elevation points via a cable.

The activity uses a pulley system and takes advantage of the pull of gravity on a steep slope.

Kenya has six main ziplining locations.

They include:

  • Kereita Forest
  • Machakos People’s Park
  • The Dam Redhill
  • Rapid Camps Sagana
  • Bofa Beach Resort in Kilifi, and
  • Kompass in Ngong Forest

The Kereita zipline is found within Kereita Forest and is the longest in Kenya at 2.4km.

In addition, the zip line stretches over several rivers and the thick vegetation of the Kereita Forest.

The Forest is 70km from Nairobi and easily accessible from Kimende Town.

Well, the main activities at The Forest are ziplining, archery, cycling, nature walks, and paintball fighting.

Kereita Forest is managed by Flying Fox and has six operational zip lines – namely:

  • Colobus Catapult (425 meters)
  • Flying Elephant (385 meters)
  • Eagle’s Nest (395 meters) The
  • Big Sky (360 meters)
  • Moving Target (325 meters), and Lumberjack (330 meters)

Benefits of ziplining

Ziplining is a fulfilling experience that enhances your focus and vision, relieves stress, and helps you burn excess calories.

It triggers an adrenaline rush to conquer unimaginable distances and heights, thereby boosting your self-esteem.

For newbies, the activity decreases acrophobia (fear of heights) and triggers an interest in related activities such as bungee jumping.

Prepare for the experience by wearing well-fitting and light clothes that are comfortable to the skin.

Carry your bug repellant, sunscreen, and wear closed shoes that you can comfortably walk in along the nature trails.

Kereita ziplining is known for creating lasting memories and building relationships.

Book with us for an amazing ziplining adventure at the Kereita Forest.

Go-Karting at the Whistling Moran

Go Karting Events

The Whistling Moran in Athi River is a significant location for go-karting in Kenya.

It has one of the most extensive tracks in Africa and is loved by both beginner and professional kart drivers.

Go-karting at the Whistling Moran is financially viable for racers as the racetracks are of international standards.

If you are a motorsports enthusiast, go-karting is one of the most thrilling sports events in Kenya.

The versatility of karts is a boost to upcoming and professional racers who can play within their league.

Well, the establishment provides learning and commercial racing resources such as racing karts, manuals, safety gear, fuel, tools, and equipment.

Professional karters have to carry their resources.

However, if they need extra resources like kart gear, spares, and kart cleaning services, you can purchase them from the nearby kart shop.

In addition, the whistling Moran offers training for new karters who intend to be professional racers or just for the day’s thrill.

As the perfect spot for nurturing young talent, the Whistling Moran provides learners aged 6 to 11 years with the resources and training on kart racing.

Aside from the high-profile racing events, the sports arena allows for other activities such as:

Other activities

  • Skating
  • Motorbike Racing
  • Rollerblading
  • Skateboarding, and
  • Cycling.

It is the perfect day trip for a group of friends who take pride in motorsports and the best engineering innovations.

A day trip to the tracks gives you a chance to interact with renowned racers.

Furthermore, the place has enchanting outdoor dining experiences.

And yes, you can cool off at their swimming pool, get refreshing cocktails at their restaurant, and shop for souvenirs at the kart shop.

Kindly read more about Go Karting in Kenya

To enjoy go-karting and complementary motorsports activities, book and join us as we engage gears to Athi River’s Whistling Moran.

Karura Forest Trip

Karura Forest Reserve
Image Credit | World Wide Web

Professor Wangari Maathai’s passion for the conservation of nature was intimated in this saying, “Leave nothing behind but footprints, take nothing away but memories.”

In addition, she relentlessly fought for the preservation of Karura; hence the reserve was spared the effects of selfish human activities and land grabbing.

Karura now counts as one of the authentic urban forests in Kenya.

If you visit Karura Forest Reserve today, you will encounter rich wildlife, lush vegetation, waterfalls, caves, swamps, and marshlands.

An Archaeological and Historical Paradise

Have you ever wondered what happens to decommissioned legal tenders in Kenya?

The Government of Kenya strives to maintain the credibility of its legal tender by introducing more security features and durable designs.

Therefore, old notes are destroyed to allow the new currency to circulate.

Well, it is uncommon for unauthorized persons to find active government facilities for destroying phased-out currencies.

However, you can find an old government money incinerator at the Karura Forest!

It is quite a discovery for historians and has had a big impact on the economy of Kenya.

Decommissioned legal tenders were destroyed up to the mid-1990s at the Karura Forest Reserve.

The Karura Reserve hosts some of the most intriguing archaeological sites in Kenya.

Archaeologists are currently studying artifacts from the sites.

The MauMau caves in the forest also present an exciting field of study for archaeologists and political scientists.

We wrote a comprehensive article on the Karura Forest Reserve

Why Visit Karura Forest?

Karura is a perfect place to go on a day trip, and this is why:

  • It has incredible scenery with a relaxed ambiance
  • A plethora of wildlife
  • Steep waterfalls
  • Rich in historical information on Kenya’s human-wildlife conflict, the MauMau and currency management
  • A learning area for students studying forests and their impact on the environment
  • A serene environment for social getaways and functions such as team building activities, weddings, and picnics.

If any of the above activities resonate with you, then make a booking with us today.

Nairobi National Park Trip

Day Trips and Excursions

This is one of our most loved day trips and excursions packages… Well, sometimes, daily routines in the city of Nairobi can be draining.

Traffic snarl-ups, honking cars, blinding headlights, and dizzying images of brick and mortar are enough to give you a head spin.

A getaway from the city may sound like a lucky break to most city dwellers.

Just 7 kilometers south of the Nairobi Central Business District lies the phenomenal Nairobi National Park.

It is the one place with both rich history and diverse wildlife.

The Nairobi National Park is remarkable for providing an authentic wildlife experience, access to Kenya’s wildlife conservation history, and fun-filled social getaways.

Fun Activities in Nairobi National Park

There are many fun activities within the park.

They include:

  • The Nairobi Safari Walk to learn about the varied ecosystems within the park
  • Game drives allow you to view free-range wildlife such as lions, leopards, buffaloes, Bongo antelopes, Coke’s Hartebeest, Masai giraffe, hyenas,Sokoke cats among others
  • If you love watching birds and photographing them, you are in for a treat as the park hosts rare species of birds such as the Hooded Vulture, White-backed Vulture, and Rueppell’s Griffon

In addition, there is a nursery for orphaned rhinos and elephants.

It is an extension of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The nursery is an exciting and emotional place to be.

The care exhibited in this place is enough to move you to tears and hopefully make you appreciate nature conservation.

A game drive is perfect in this park as you will enjoy amazing bonding sessions with your close friends, work colleagues, or family members.

You can have professional photography moments during the picnics or the boardwalk. It is always a joyful moment.

Let us make your day trip to the Nairobi National Park a successful and memorable one. Book with us today and enjoy fun-filled moments at affordable rates.

Sagana Excursions

Sagana Rafting
Image Credit | raftingkenya.com

Sagana is a burgeoning tourist destination due to its thriving water sports activities.

The town is approximately 100 kilometers from Nairobi City, along the Nairobi-Nyeri highway in Kirinyaga County.

In January 2008, Rapids Camp hosted Africa Olympic Canoe/Kayak Championship.

Additionally, in 2015, the International Canoe Federation authorized Rapids Camp in Sagana to host the Rio 2016 Qualifiers.

Les Wanyika, a musical band with Kenyan and Tanzanian members, sang about a lady in Sagana, Kirinyaga County.

The love song, commonly known as “Afro mtoto wa Sagana,” has hit the Kenyan airwaves for decades, making the town famous.

What’s good at Sagana

River Sagana is the heart of water sports in central Kenya.

Lying at the foothills of Mount Kenya, this River receives massive volumes of water from the mountain.

The waters of River Sagana make the surrounding vegetation flourish, attracting a plethora of wildlife.

A massive 40-feet waterfall crowns the scenic view.

Water sports take advantage of the varying grades of water rapids.

They include:

  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • White water rafting
  • Riverboarding
  • Diving at the waterfalls
  • Water gliding
  • Sportfishing and,
  • River trekking

In addition, amateur river trekking is excellent for beginners as it’s only up to a distance of 300 meters while professional river trekking can reach 2 kilometers.

There are professionals who guide the sporting activities to give you the safest water experience.

Other fun-filled engagements include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Ziplining
  • Camping
  • Picnicking
  • Nature walks
  • Horseback riding
  • Bird watching
  • Cycling
  • Bungee jumping
  • Mountain biking and,
  • Archery

Team building groups often sample a majority of the activities mentioned above.

Where to stay at Sagana

The Rapids Camp is famous for sport fishing and white rafting activities and rightfully so as it is close to the 40-feet waterfall.

The Castle Forest Lodge is great for eco-tourists.

It is a serene and relaxed place that you can go for horseback riding, trout fishing, nature walks, and bird viewing. Its luxury cottages are perfect for intimate getaways.

Savage Wilderness Camp offers ziplining, rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

Other notable places at Sagana include:

  • Nokras Riverine Spa and Lodge
  • Jangwani Camp
  • Timstep Hotel and Campsite
  • Sagana Country Lodge
  • Sagana Getaway Resort
  • Wingu Kenda
  • Rukenya Islands and,
  • Nice Digital Hotel

A Team building paradise

Sagana is the place to go if you desire the perfect excursion for your team. We can book your team for your desired number of nights. Our packages include meals and accommodation at the finest country lodges and hotels in the region. We can also arrange logistics for the respective team building sites.

Contact us for a detailed package – for any of the camps in Sagana.

Before we conclude, kindly remember that we have Nairobi and Rift valley staycation packages.

Additionally, these staycations are self-drives and cater for bread and breakfast. Talk to us to get more info and make a booking.

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As alluded above, we have several packages that will take you to several tourist spots here in Kenya.

We do have well-curated day trips and excursions that will take your breath away. You can be guaranteed that you will indeed enjoy them.

Kindly note that we shall keep adding more trips going ahead. In addition, these trips and excursions can be private or joining ones.

We are extremely happy and ready to make your trips and excursions as fun and memorable as possible.

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