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Go Karting Events

Go-Karting Events in Kenya

Did you know that there are go karting events here in Kenya on a regular basis? If you didn’t, then read through and learn more.

Go Karting Near Me! does this ring a bell? well, this is one adrenaline activity that you should plan to attend soon.

Go-karting events are phenomenal opportunities for people to release steam, tension, and cheer their favorite sportsmen.

Whereas kids can race in a controlled environment, adults have the luxury of getting the adrenaline rush on the real tarmac.

So, if you are wondering what karting is all about, let me break it down for you.

Karting is a type of car racing on secured scaled-down tarmac circuits. Karting often involves four-wheeled racing karts.

In Kenya, go-kart racers enjoy outdoor racing events in several places offering the sport – mainly in Nairobi and other major towns.

Zunguka Africa Safaris avails day trips to the go-kart racing events in Athi River and other tracks. Check out our current day-trip offers.

What is a Go-kart?

A go-kart is an open-wheeled racing car. It is also referred to as a shifter kart. It can either be motorized or non-motorized.

Non-motorized go-karts may be propelled by gravity or pedal power.

On the other hand, the highly powered go-karts can compete effectively with other racing cars on elongated circuits.

In addition, motorized go-karts may have either two-stroke or four-stroke engines and yes, some advanced karts have room for a passenger.

Go-karts can be modified for use on public roads through the fitting of headlights, indicators, a 20 horsepower engine, a horn, and tail lights. 

Go-karts that run on electric motors are suitable for indoor racing. They use lithium polymer batteries or lead-acid batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. 

Karts running on lead-acid batteries last up to 30 minutes on the tracks while those running on lithium polymer batteries last for two hours before requiring another charge.

As a safety measure, racing go-karts are enhanced with remote-controlled speed limiters.

An attendant can assess a driver’s behavior on the tracks and determine whether to reduce the speed or to stop a racing kart. 

To protect the life of the driver and any other individual near the racing tracks, an attendant uses a remote to ensure the go-kart does not go out of control.

A famous sport

Art Ingels became the pioneer of karting in the year 1956 when he developed the first kart in America.

Due to the rising popularity of the quadrupled vehicle, Go Kart Manufacturing Company began large-scale production of karts in 1957.

Ever wondered how some Formula One racers became champions? Well, they started their careers on kart racing tracks.

Notable racers such as Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, and Nick Rosberg have a history in go-karting events.

Benefits of go-karting events

  • Go-kart racing stimulates the production of the dopamine hormone in the body. By doing so, you develop a sense of euphoria. That good feeling is perfect for boosting your mood and creating happiness within you that you crave so much
  • Go-kart racing is a mind-sharpening sport. Racing makes a driver focus on safe driving and winning, maneuvering corners with precision, safe overtaking. It improves your level of concentration on the task at hand
  • Racing sharpens your reflexes. A kart is an imitation of an actual racing car. As such, a driver is tasked with the responsibility of responding quickly and efficiently to events on the racing track.
  • Builds one confidence and self-esteem. Winning is always a confidence booster. But it gets even sweeter when the circumstances are made difficult and the driver grapples with stiff competition. That sense of accomplishment makes an individual strong-willed and resilient in tackling life matters.
  • Go-kart racing involves forming teams. Therefore, racers develop team playing and building skills, alertness, cooperation, and taking responsibility.
  • Through kart races, active and passive participants learn about safe road use and the importance of following instructions.
  • Kart racing instills a positive and healthy attitude towards life.

Go Karting Providers

Go-karting is a fun-filled activity that engages your mind and body. The thrill of being in or near a racing track is unmatched.

Book a date with Zunguka Africa Safaris and enjoy go-karting events in Kenya. You can also check out other fun places for day trips in Kenya.

In addition, here in Kenya you can attend or participate in Karting here:

  • GP Karting
  • Thunder Karts
  • TGRV Circuit
  • Madmax Karting
  • Whistling Morans Ltd
  • Magic Planet

With us, you will get very good rates. This so because we have a working relationship with the above-mentioned providers.

If you are looking at having a great time, plan your go-karting event with us. Kindly contact us to enquire more or plan your event.

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