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10 INTERESTING THINGS ABOUT NAIROBI CITY. From city tours, to wildlife tours, excursion and amazing night life of Nairobi. Discover a short experience while in Nairobi
Interesting places to visit in Nairobi

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There are several interesting places to visit in Nairobi City.

In East Africa, Kenya is undoubtedly a perfect place to explore. Nairobi City is the capital of Kenya.

Both local and foreign tourists can get access to explore the beautiful scenery and wildlife in Kenya.

Nairobi is famous for go-karting events for tourists seeking a thrill on the race tracks.

This post is dedicated to informing every tourist of interesting places to visit in Nairobi.

Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

Touring Nairobi Elephant Orphanage is definitely among the best things to do in Nairobi.

The orphanage is located in Langata, approximately a 30 minutes drive from Nairobi CBD.

The Elephant Orphanage offers a rare chance to have a perfect view of the splendid giants.

You will get firsthand experience of how poaching has deteriorated wildlife in the world.

The situation also gives you hope, for, within all that anarchism, they have a reserve for the baby elephants, victims of poaching.

While you are not allowed to feed the elephants, if they get close to you, you can touch and pet them.

But, just visiting the orphanage, observing them playing happily with each other, and listening to their story, is quite an unexceptional experience.

Nairobi National Park

A 10-kilometer drive out of Nairobi’s central business is where Nairobi National Park is situated.

It has a wide diversity of wildlife including the rare black Rhino, hyenas, buffaloes, lions, leopards, giraffes, cheetah, and numerous birdlife it has been recorded that there are over 400 species.

Tourists can relish the magnificent park’s picnic spots, the three campgrounds, and the walking trail for hikers.

Nairobi National Park charges $43 for nonresident adults and $22 per child, and an extra fee of KSh 300 for every private vehicle. Kenyan residents and citizens are discounted.

Mamba Village

The Mamba Village is a mini zoo situated in Nairobi’s luxuriant Karen Suburb.

Mamba is a Swahili word that denotes crocodile is famous for its Crocodiles. Nile crocodiles to be precise. 

The Nile crocodiles are known to be very hostile; they tend to attack anyone within their range.

Those who want to tour the place should not worry because the crocodiles are bound within an enclosed pool, and someone can observe from a safe distance.

Nairobi Mamba Village resort is situated beside the Crocodile farm.

The primary and islands and numerous bands offer privacy and quiet seclusion; each can accommodate ten guests.

Giraffe Centre

Nairobi giraffe center is situated approximately 20 kilometers from Nairobi’s central business.

This center is a home for highly endangered Rothschild’s giraffe; it also offers other enjoyable activities.

You are allowed to observe, hand-feed, or even kiss one of the giraffes from a well-placed wooden structure, which is quite an excellent experience.

There are also warthogs sniffling about in the mud, and also, fascinating self-guided forest walks through the neighboring Gogo River Bird Sanctuary.

The giraffe center is always open from 9 PM till 5 PM throughout the week. Feeding and tours take place throughout this time.

Ngong Racecourse

Ngong Racecourse is located on Ngong road towards Karen, which has an attractive ground offering a tranquil setting away from the busy city of Nairobi.

It is a popular wedding destination and also hosts other functions such as team building.

The Ngong Racecourse and Golf Park is the only known horse racing venue in East Africa and is managed by the Jockey Club of Kenya to regulate the Sport of Horse racing in Kenya.

The grounds offer space for entertainment and excitement, which comes with betting on race days.

Maasai Ostrich farm

Maasai Ostrich is only Kenya’s ostrich farm; it is an excellent place where you can get close and personal with the ostriches.

An hour drives away from Nairobi on the outskirts of Kiengela.

It is a home for 1000 birds; they also have two breeds of ostrich blue-neck or the Somali ostrich and the Maasai, which has a pink neck and legs.

You can tour the ostrich farm or ride an ostrich, riding ostrich costs $5, and visiting the farm is $3.

Nairobi National Museum

Kenya’s world-class Museum, located in a magnificent building within lush, leafy grounds just outskirts of the city, has a wide variety of traditional and natural-history exhibitions.

The museum avails to visitors of Kenya’s History, Nature, Culture, and Modern Art in its entire magnificence.

Nearby is the well-known Snake Park, Botanic Gardens, and Nature Trail.

You can tour the National Museum and learn about Kenya’s rich heritage.

Ice Skating at Panari sky center

The best place for ice skating is the Panari Hotel on Mombasa road, just ten minutes drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Panari Hotel is among the five-star hotels in Nairobi with exceptional services, luxurious and comfortable space to relax in while enjoying activities from ice-skating.

It is the only ice-skating rink in East Africa. You get to enjoy drinks and beautiful music in one of their three entertainment spots.

The place is spectacular, especially the entrance.

Nairobi Safari Walk

Nairobi Safari Walk is a recreational facility situated 7KM from the Nairobi central business; you will see a variety of wildlife in Kenya.

Its setting is exceptionally tranquil, and you will get an opportunity to observe some of the endangered wildlife.

Including the white Rhino and even the rare Albino Zebra. It also has up to 150 species of local trees.

A well-raised wooden boardwalk offers an opportunity to observe most of Kenya’s wildlife within a sole setting.

It gives visitors a chance to discover what they find across the country. The Nairobi Safari Walk is certainly one of the most interesting places to visit in Nairobi.

Village Market

Village Market is among Kenya’s top-ranked shopping malls.

It has remarkable shopping channels that offer an extensive diversity of indigenous and international jewelry.

Also available is an impressive open-air food court.

Dishes from a wide range of cultures are available, including local cookeries.

Also open is a lavish Cinema, a water glide, and a careening backstreet.

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