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Salt Lick Safari Lodge

Salt Lick Safari Lodge

When I visited the Salt Lick Safari Lodge, I was truly happy that the safari exceeded my expectations.

The beauty of the Salt Lick Safari Lodge is enhanced by the fact that it overlooks the Tsavo Plains that are vast and welcoming in nature.

Within these plains lie the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary that hosts the big five, other wildlife species, and birds.

In addition, this beautiful and serene lodge is adjacent to the Taita Hills Safari Resort and Spa Museum.

This gives you an opportunity to enjoy very sensational activities such as night drives and bush walks. 

During the night drives and the bush walks I sighted wild animals such as the Porcupines, Mongoose, Hippos, and Striped Hyenas.

This made my night drives and bush walks very delightful, welcoming, and truly memorable.

If you are looking at capturing sensational and memorable photos of the wild, then the Salt Lick Safari Lodge is the place to be.

Below I share the highlights of what I liked and why I am planning on going back to the lodge.


Located at the very core of Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, the safari lodge is 400km from Nairobi.

Well, it is accessible through several routes.

The most popular routes are the Nairobi – Namanga Road, Kibwezi – Kitui Road, and the Mombasa Road.

Additionally, the modes of transport commonly utilized to get there are bus transport, train transport, and flights as well.

You can travel via the Coast Bus for bus transport, Kenya Railways for train transport, and Kenya Airways for flights.

The use of the road is most ideal if you love long drives and have exceptional company to enjoy through the drive.

Well, I took the Nairobi – Namanga Road and the drive was out of this world.

With stopovers and other activities along the route, it was a thrilling experience, and would do this again.

Restaurant Services

Praises for the Salt Lick Safari Lodge are pegged on the high-class and high-quality services rendered at the restaurant.

The motivation behind the quality services given is to ensure that clients are satisfied and delighted with the services they receive.

In addition, the personnel at the restaurant give personalized services to their clients and this made me so happy.

The Bura Restaurant is the main restaurant at the Salt Lick Safari Lodge as it overlooks a waterhole.

This makes the sight delightful as one enjoys a sumptuous meal.

Visitors are treated to healthy and delicious meals that incorporate buffet services.

Fresh produce sourced from the Sarova Taita Hills Lodge gets into the Bura Restaurant Kitchen – and the food is amazing.

I got top-notch services at the restaurant and to say the least, “it was extremely delightful throughout my meal times there”.

Couples are treated to a Champagne starter as they await the foods of their choice prepared for breakfast.

This creates a very positive and relaxed environment for the couple as they await the main meal for breakfast.

Additionally, if you are looking to have a good time with a loved one, I would recommend this fabulous lodge.

Dinner was served under the stars which gave the setting an alluring and romantic touch.

In addition, we were treated to a barbeque and entertainment during and after dinner.

The entertainment was by local artists and they performed very well as we danced the night away to the great music.

It is such an ideal sight to enhance bonding with family and loved ones as well as just to enjoy as you hang out with friends.


The accommodation at the Salt Lick Safari Lodge is epic and top-notch. You will enjoy love it.

The lodge has 96 spacious rooms that boast of – state of the art interior decor, are spotlessly clean, and the hygiene standards are excellent.

The rooms are ensuite in nature which enhances the comfort and ease of operations of the guests.

Additionally, the bathrooms have showers fixed – giving the guests an option to use either hot or cold water for showering as they find suitable.

Families or friends who wish to share a room have their needs catered for – there are double and triple bedrooms available.

To top it up, the rooms at this Lodge are well organized and built-in a – round chalet – with a touch of warmth and elegance.

The rooms are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis making the aura so sweet and attractive.

Additionally, the occupants have the opportunity to view the frequently visited and nearby waterhole from the comfort of their rooms. 

Elephants and other wildlife visit the waterhole to drink water.

Observing them was nostalgic and breathtaking. I would say this was a great point of attraction for me.

Other Aspects

Salt Lick Safari Lodge is well known for its unique aspects. Cultural and other aspects are highly observed.

Cultural diversity is highly encouraged at the lodge and this makes it popular with both local and international tourists.

During nature walks, guests are led into the neighboring villages to integrate with the communities and learn their cultural practices.

This happens as guests are treated to an opportunity to watch and learn how different communities express themselves through their unique cultures.

Moreover, guests are also treated to traditional and cultural music – and dance prepared by the locals.

This fun-filled activity helps guests unwind as they join in the songs and dance with the locals creating lifetime bonds.

In addition to culture, visitors also get to learn different dialects and also enjoy and sample local cuisines.

This is mostly interesting if you visit the cultural village with a friend who loves to indulge in foreign foods as you do.

If you are interested in learning how to make such cuisines, the locals gladly take their time to explain everything.

It is usually a moment of fun, learning, and adventure.

To Sum it up

In conclusion, you should visit this lodge. Do you know why?

Salt Lick Safari Lodge is the most photographed safari lodge in Kenya and is a great place to visit and stay for a few days.

Here you will get luxurious accommodation and very high-quality services in all aspects.

If you love nature, the wild, fun, and culture, this safari destination suit you well. And all these at a pocket-friendly cost.

It is also a place to visit if you are in search of some cool and quiet environment for you to relax and reflect.

The beauty and elegance of the lodge will leave lasting memories in your mind.

Here at Zunguka Africa Safaris, we do safaris to this top-rated safari lodge. Kindly contact us to commence the plans or book the offer below…

Saltlick Safari Lodge Safari Offer
Saltlick Safari Lodge Safari Offer

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