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sceneries in Kenya

Breathtaking Sceneries in Kenya

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Nature has one too many surprises in its fold. Often, we don’t get to understand how intense nature can be unless we explore outside our comfort zones. There are numerous breathtaking sceneries in Kenya. Features you never imagined existed are right here in Kenya. A culmination of volcanic activity and waterworks yielded the most spectacular features in the Kenyan coastal region.

God’s Footprint (Lwayo Lwa Mulungu)

Kwale County is home to the famous God’s Footprint. The enormous footprint is on a large rock 5 kilometers from Lunga Lunga town. The Duruma people native to the town, believe that the imprint is a religious shrine. Based on the argument that no living human can possess a foot that large, the locals unanimously concluded that it is that of God. Over the years, the shrine has become a top tourist destination in Kenya’s coastal region. Thousands of tourists flock to the area to see the breathtaking feature set on stone.

A similar occurrence exists in South Africa, with a 4-foot long footprint appearing on a granitic rock. The two giant footprints in Africa have got tongues wagging among both religious groupings and scientists. Scientists argue that the footprints are from giants who lived in pre-historic times. Religious fanatics stand by their belief that no living creature could match the size of the footprints in question. The mystic features remain unsolved to date. However, locals in both Kenya and South Africa are inclined to believe that the places holding the footprints are holy grounds and should be treated as such.

The Mbaraki Pillar

When you visit the Kenyan coast, It is hard to miss the beautiful landscape, the ocean, and the rich history. Classified as one of the most astonishing features after the Fort Jesus monument, the Mbaraki Pillar attracts curious tourists who yearn to learn more about its history. As a 50-foot tall monument, the Mbaraki Pillar is a controversial and breathtaking scenery in Kenya.

Old folk tales suggest that the pillar is haunted by the spirit of an Arab who was a magical healer. The 300-year old monument is popular among women seeking answers to their fertility hiccups. Archaeologists argue that the pillar acted as a lighthouse in the ancient past. The conflicting suggestions from archaeologists and historians have not deterred locals and foreigners from visiting and performing rituals at the site.

Marafa’s Hell Kitchen

Sceneries in Kenya are abundant and worth every visit. Malindi is a reputable tourist destination due to its white sandy beaches, serene environment and rich culture. It has a remote feeling as the inhabitants prefer to preserve the intense history of the place. Marafa is a famous place in Malindi due to its phenomenal geographical sand depression. The depression is commonly known as the Hell’s Kitchen.

Marafa’s sandstone canyon resulted from a natural breakage of a sandstone ridge. The folklore around its existence describes it as a classical example of God’s wrath on human beings. It is alleged that an ancient affluent family misused the abundant resources at their disposal. They bathed in milk from the cows they owned and lived extravagantly. For that, God punished the family by sinking them in sand.

The soils in Marafa’s depression have a splash of red, yellow, orange, and white colors. This not only informs the local belief of milk and blood but also provides the landscape with breathtaking scenery. The locals in Marafa village hold the place in high regard. The depression is a shrine used for prayers.

Marafa’s Hell’s Kitchen bears an almost similar geographical background as that of Naivasha’s Hell’s Gate. Both areas experience massive soil erosion that accounts for the deep and rugged gorges.

Sceneries in Kenya

Sunrise and sunset at the Kenyan coast bring a magical and exhilarating feeling. Explore amazing sceneries in Kenya and savor the best of nature at affordable rates with Zunguka Africa Safaris. Book with us today and tour the magical coastal region in Kenya.

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