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unique tourist spots in Kenya

Unique Tourist Attractions in Kenya

There are numerous unique tourist attractions in Kenya. This article will highlight some of the places you should visit in Kenya.

Travelling is often at the top of the bucket list for any adventurous individual. A visit to Kenya is undoubtedly one of the best choices a tourist can ever make.

Lake Kapedo in Turkana County

You may or may not have heard of the existence of red lakes. But geographically speaking, red lakes are as real as they come. Common among extremely salty water bodies, these lakes harbor specific strains of algae that give the lakes their unique colors. Lake Kapedo is famed for its deep red color. Being an extremely alkaline lake, Lake Kapedo is an active breeding ground for the red-pigmented Dunalilla algae species.

Eliye Beach in Lake Turkana

The surprising fact about Lake Turkana is that it boasts of the finest sandy beaches in the semi-arid region. The Eliye Beach is situated 50 kilometers east of Lodwar town in Turkana County. Eliye Beach is a unique tourist spot in Kenya due to its phenomenal setting in the sand dunes around Lake Turkana. For one, the palm trees around the beach give a cool breeze to tourists relaxing on the beach. The spectacular view of the lake accompanied by the serene nature of the place is therapeutic to tourists. Visitors can camp in neighboring lodges that are fully furnished to provide a luxurious experience.

Kyamwilu Hill in Machakos Town

It is uncommon for anything and anyone to defy gravity. In Machakos town, the concept of gravity takes a whole new turn with liquids flowing uphill instead of downhill. Kyamwilu Hill is found 12 kilometers from Machakos town. A couple of motorists have even dared to drive on free gear up the hill. Whereas many locals suppose the phenomenon to be some sort of witchcraft, scientific studies suggest that the occurrence is backed by real geographical evidence.

Takawiri Island in Lake Victoria

Takawiri Island is hardly documented among Kenya’s tourist spots despite its beautiful sandy beaches. The palm trees gracing the white sandy beaches make the place a unique tourist spot in Kenya. To reach this amazing weekend getaway spot, one can take a boat ride to Takawiri from Rusinga. It takes about one hour to reach the island.

Mzima Springs in the Tsavo

The Tsavo National Park is known primarily of its abundance in wildlife. What many locals and foreigners may not know is that the Tsavo hosts Kenya’s purest water springs. The Mzima Springs rank among the most unique tourist spots in Kenya. It is a fascinating underground water reservoir found under the Chyulu Hills Range that collects rainwater and resurfaces through four springs found 50 kilometers away. Water from the springs feeds a tributary to the Tsavo River.

The Mzima Springs occur naturally on the western side of Tsavo National Park near Mtito Andei. Tourists can enjoy a spectacular view of wildlife in an underground glassed museum. The famous Nile crocodile, hippos, vervet monkeys, and aquatic birds can be found at the Mzima Springs.

The coastal region heavily depends on the four springs of Mzima for pure drinking water. Approximately 20 million liters of water is harnessed from Mzima Springs in Tsavo National Park, Marere Springs in Shimba Hills National Reserve and the Tiwi aquifer in Kwale.

Notable wildlife documentaries featured the Mzima Springs. Mzima: Portrait of a Spring was featured in 1969 by Alan and Joan Root. Mzima: Haunt of the Riverhorse was filmed in 2003 and highlighted the killing of baby hippos.

Unique tourist attractions in Kenya for ecotourists

Aside from the conventional viewing of Kenya’s unique wild animals, tourists enjoy panoramic views of the landscape. Kenya has amazing geographical features that set it apart from other tourist zones. From the northern part of Kenya to the southern coast, tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape. Check out our affordable travel packages to all parts of the country. Travel Kenya with Zunguka Africa Safaris and enjoy the best travel experience.

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